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A fundamental link between magnitude

This research project investigates the interaction between the auditory processing of the acoustic components of speech sounds and phonological dev

The disposition to believe what others communicate, o

2013 - 2019

"FEEL" is an Advanced European Research Council grant that concerns the question of what sensory stimulation feels like.

The present proposal seeks predictors of poor speech perception in noise in childhood by focusing on the development of auditory processing. More specifically, this project aims to characterize the role of sensory and non-sensory mechanisms involved in the development of speech perception in noise for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired children.
2015 - 2018
The idea of greatness - in its digital, spatial, and temporal aspects - is the central foundation of mathematics, science, and technology. But it origins, their relations during development, and the format of representation of the abstract concepts of number, space, and time are still debated and misunderstood.
The existence of a numerical mental line where different numbers are represented in the space from left to right, has been demonstrated in adults by numerous studies. The objective of this project is to study if this representation depends on learning or if it is present from an early age.