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1 hour
We only need 1 hour of your and your child's time
Our experiments are fun and completely safe for babies.
Your kid can help to discover the great secrets of human mind
What else?
At the end of the experiment, your child will be rewarded with a little scientist's diploma !

How are babies recruited?

Babies are recruited by mail from civil status files that we receive from seven districts of Paris. We benefit for this from an authorization issued by the archives of France.


How are the observations taking place?

Upon arrival at the University, we welcome you either in the lobby or in the car park and we accompany you in our laboratory. We let your baby play for a few minutes (we have toys for that), get used to us and the new environment. During this time, we explain to you the detailed progress of the test period and what we expect from your baby. We ask you to sign the consent form, then we proceed to the actual experiment. You can always ask any questions you want.


How long does it last?

We plan appointments of up to one hour, the time to present the study in detail, answer your questions etc. The test itself can last between 5 and 50 minutes depending on the case.


Will I be with my baby?

Yes, baby stays with you all the time, before, during and after the experiment. During the test, your baby is either on your lap or in a high chair and in this case you are seated next to him (her).


Can I stop everything at any time?

Of course, if for some reason you want to stop the test, you just have to let us know.

What do you do with my baby's movie?

We do not record automatically your baby. When we do, the film we make is for use exclusively within the laboratory. It is used to code "offline" the behavior of your baby, which can not be done in real time during the test, because it goes too fast. The films are destroyed with the precautions of use when the research is finished.


Do you pay for my transportation costs?

No, unfortunately we can not refund the shipping costs.


What do you do with the results of the study?

Each study explores a particular aspect of the development of various cognitive functions in infants and very young children. Statistical analyzes are then conducted on each group of registered children, allowing us to draw conclusions about this particular aspect of baby development. The study is NOT a MEDICAL TEST, and does not provide information about the abilities of a particular child.

The results of our studies are published in specialized scientific journals, and a summary is posted on this site or in our newsletter.


I have friends interested in your studies. Can I give them your contact information?

Of course, the more babies we see and the faster the research goes. Our contact details are available in the contact section of this site, or they can fill out our participation form.


Can I come to the appointment with my other children?

Yes, we have research assistants who are happy to play with your other children while you attend the study. Just let us know in advance so that we get organized.


Can my child participate if he or she is bilingual?

Yes, we have some studies that are specific to bilingual children.


What about confidentiality of data?

All studies conducted at the BabyLab are subject to the approval of the Faculty Ethics Committee. This means that the well-being and respect of the child and his family always come before the interests of research.

All information collected on families who have chosen to participate will be stored in a secure database within the laboratory and will not be shared with anyone. When the study is published, no participant name is communicated; anonymity is therefore completely guaranteed.