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 Fille avec baloon

We discover the origins of the way humans think

We conduct studies on children from their birth and up to their three on various topics such as the implementation of language, mathematics or laterality.


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This week end, the EFL Labex took part in the Fête de la Science at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.

Selected research projects

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The existence of a numerical mental line where different numbers are represented in the space from left to right, has been demonstrated in adults by numerous studies. The objective of this project is to study if this representation depends on learning or if it is present from an early age.
Our perceptual system permanently encodes numerical and geometric information from the surrounding world. These intuitions, present from an early age, may serve as a basis for the acquisition of mathematical knowledge. However, primitive intuitions remain limited, and therefore do not entirely explain how we learn the simplest mathematical concepts, such as natural integers and Euclidean geometry.